Heart Piece Locations

Location How To Age, Requirments
Death Mountain Crater Hidden niche in the wall.(must climb down to get it) Adult with Goron Tunic
Death Mountain Crater In plain sight at the top of the left ash cone Adult, Magic Bean Leaf
Death Mountain Trail Above the entrance to the Dodongo's Cavern Adult, Magic Bean Leaf
Desert Colossus Outside, on the top of the arch before the temple entrance Adult, Magic Bean Leaf
Gerudo Valley In the niche behind the main waterfall Child or adult with magic bean leaf
Gerudo Valley In a crate on the ledges over the river(longshot over) adult, longshot
Gerudo's Fortress Prize in the horseback archery contest Adult, Epona
Gerudo's Fortress In a chest on the highest rough of the Thieve's House Adult, Hookshot
Goron City Light the torches and throw bombs in spinning vase Child, bombs
Graveyard Beat Dampe's Ghost in a minute or less Adult, quickness
Graveyard Prize in the Heartpounding Gravedigging Tour Child
Graveyard In crate on the ledge above magic bean leaf Adult, magic bean leaf
Graveyard Play the "Sun's Song" in the unmarked grave with the single redead. Child and Adult
Hyrule Castle/Market Prize in Bombchu Game Child
Hyrule Castle/Market Find the Pooch Lady's dog roaming around the Market at night. Child, night only
Hyrule Castle/Market Prize in the treasure box game Child, lens of truth would help a lot
Hyrule Field Open the hidden hole in between the fences in Lake Hylia Child and adult
Hyrule Field Deep in the pond in a hidden hole near a tree between Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Castle Adult, iron boots or gold scale
Ice Cavern Frozen in red ice in a room in the Ice cavern Adult, bottle of blue fire
Kakariko Village Reward from a member of skulltulla family after 50 gold skulltullasChild and Adult, 50 gold skulltulla's
Kakariko Village In the cow's stall Child and Adult
Kakariko Village On a ledge in the windmill Child and Adult
Kakariko Village Talk to the guy on the roof of granny's potion shop Adult, longshot
Lake Hylia Reward from the scientist when you dive to the bottom of his lab with gold scale. adult, gold scale
Lake Hylia Reward for catching 10 pound fish or higher child
Lake Hylia n the balcony at the very top of the lakeside laboratory adult, magic bean leaf
Lon Lon Ranch Move the boxes in the Storage Shed to find a tunnel and a small room Child
Lost Woods Play "Saria's Song" to the single Skull Kid Child, Ocarina, Saria's Song
Lost Woods Prize in teh jam session with the two Skull Kids Child, Ocarina
Zora's Domain Light the four torches and check behind the waterfall Child, deku stick or din's fire
Zora's Fountain On a lone iceberg Adult
Zora's Fountain On the bottom of the lake Adult, iron boots and zora tunic
Zora's River win the bug-catching game once you've mad the frogs big with your songs Child, the six "grey note" songs
Zora's River On a lofty platform in the central section of the river Child and adult
Zora's River Use the chicken to float to this platform near the waterfall Child, chicken
Zora's River Play the "Song of Storms" to the Frog Chorus Child, the "Song of Storms"